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Before uploading music using the link below, make sure to thoroughly read all instructions listed below.


1. Submit .wav file of all elements to be mixed.



2. Submit music as 2 track beats with multi-track vocals unless selecting the multi-track beat packages. 

3. Make sure music is complete and sequenced out



4. Provide a reference mix .mp3



5. Include all elements



6. Make sure all vocals are clear with no distortion



7. An initial sonics standard quality review** (see below for explanation) will be performed on all music before any work is started










Upload Instructions

Quality Disclaimer:


We cannot take a track or production that is on a two-track and make it

sound like something currently on rotation. We can only work with what is sent to us and it has to be of the proper quality for the best results.

 In other words, you can't expect a million-dollar 

mix with cheap low-quality sound or sonics.

What is sonics standards quality review?


This is where we screen and listen to submit it track to mix to make sure that it is sonically correct before it is mixed that way there's less time being wasted... In this situation, the engineer can contact the person I submitted the track to be mixed and suggest some quality sound changes to that music.

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